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  • Zodiac sign poster of Aries

Zodiac sign poster of Aries

Handpainted zodiac sign of a ram printed on a poster. This poster was originally painted with watercolors and is printed on high quality paper of 250 grams. The constellation posters are printed in a limited edition: only 500 prints have been made. They are signed by the artist with a handwritten numbering.

March 21 - April 19

Element: Fire
Planet Mars

Positive traits:


Place this zodiac sign in a nice place so that it will stimulate you and give you strength every day.
The ram zodiac poster has an energetic effect. It will strengthen your self-confidence and provides courage. It will bring you independence and creativity. The ram zodiac poster provides plenty of enthusiasm for new adventures. This strong fire sign brings energy into the home.

Dimensions poster: H40xW30 cm

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