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HAPPY MOM AND GRANDMA BOX  Verwen jouw moeder of oma met deze uitgebreide high tea box voor €21,50 p.p We hebben de box in een vegan en normaal menu gemaakt! En bij de box kan je ook een heerlijke rosé…

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Poezen: handleiding voor bazen

"Poezen: handleiding voor bazen" written by Annemarieke Piers published by Snor Uitgeverij.


Cats have the X factor. People have had a special bond with the cat for thousands of years. A cat is therefore more than just a pet.

If you think you know everything about cats, then you are probably wrong. Cats hide a lot from people. At least, they think so. But now there is this book! It has ended with mysterious and incomprehensible cats. When you finish this book, you know what your cat wants to say when she holds her tail in a curl. And how important it is to play together with your cat.

In this book, everything a cat boss needs to know: from a cat workshop and cat language to making the cat happy.

Including interviews with Sylvia Witteman and Jet Boeke.

The cat book is the perfect size for a shoe gift or surprise gift and is wonderfully under the Christmas tree as a Christmas gift for the animal lover.

Language: Dutch

Dimensions: 17.1 x 12.7 x 1.7 cm

Illustrations: with illustrations

Number of pages: 136 pages

Author: Annemarieke Piers

Illustrator: Maartje Kuiper

Publisher: Snor Uitgeverij

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