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Cookbook 'Sports and energy drinks'

Cookbook 'sports and energy drinks' from publisher Becht written by Fern Green


Make the tastiest sports drinks yourself! With the recipes from sports and energy drinks you can now easily make sports drinks yourself! Try it now! Types of sports drinks The recipes in Sports and energy drinks are divided into different types of sports drinks. Making sports drinks yourself has never been so easy and healthy! The different recipes for sports drinks are divided into the categories pre-workout, recovery smoothies, strong muscle drinks, smoothies with extra carbohydrates. Making your own drinks The special thing about the Sports and Energy drinks cookbook is that you can easily make healthy energy drinks yourself. Most pre-packaged sports drinks contain a lot of sugar. Now you can decide for yourself how healthy your sports drink is!

Author: Fern Green
Language: Dutch
Age: v olwassenen
Number of pages: 160
Format: 216 x 149 x 23 mm
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