21 and 22 April 2019 we organize an Easter brunch from 11:00. Everything we serve is home-made. with, among others: Brownie, muffins & griffle Season soup, flatbreads, croissant, luxury sandwiches with salads, var…

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Cabbage cookbook with 70 recipes

Cabbage is actually so normal that you quickly pass on the market or in the supermarket. We do not, we love it. Cabbage, rye, kale, paksoi, yes, even brussels, we are very happy. With this book we want to absorb cabbage and the old-fashioned recipe that will revive. This book is a happy and modern ode to the coal that is grown in our own country, is very healthy and also very cheap.

In 70 recipes we show infinite possibilities with different coal as a basic ingredient. From canned cauliflower with sage to kale muffins, from cauliflower bitter balls to a delicious Brussels sprouts, from a roast beef cake with raisins to a cabbage salad on the way. In this book you will also find the first steps for your own full-bodied vegetable garden, for how fun is it to grow your own cabbage!

Author: Pascalle Bonnier and Mathijs Kok

Dimensions: B20,6xL22,9xD2,5cm

216 pages.

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€ 25,19

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