21 and 22 April 2019 we organize an Easter brunch from 11:00. Everything we serve is home-made. with, among others: Brownie, muffins & griffle Season soup, flatbreads, croissant, luxury sandwiches with salads, var…

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Our shop in Alkmaar has been opened!


Finally we opened our new store at Mient 13 in Alkmaar! We've worked hard to get it to this point! And are now about 2 weeks open!

And what a wonderful responses we have already received! Our new concept is a bit different than what you used to know about us .. but it is very nice !!!!

Our concept is now extended with a delicious organic bakery with a range of eg 100% spelled bread, sourdough pumpkin seed bread, savory breads and pesto pine nuts and figs, gorgonzola and delicious fresh crossaint, kokosmacronen, muffins and so on .. you smells the delicious aroma of freshly baked bread.

And thereby a wholly Living Roots-style lunchroom with organic coffee and delicious sandwiches with many organic products.

And do not forget our living / gift store, it is also enhanced with a great new collection of gifts and home items !! These are also found in our shop!

All under one roof! We found it very exciting but very happy with the new response we get from our customers!

We hope to see you again also in our shop on the Mient Alkmaar !! Later you can enjoy the Alkmaar cheese market on Friday for our store, the sun there and on our terrace a nice cup of coffee with a delicious fresh baked apple pie ... mmmm



Team Living Roots

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